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To connect to Google Search, follow these steps:

  1. From the Paid Media section of your Analytics module, click on the Google Search network icon.

  2. Click “Sign in with Google” and follow the steps.

    🚨Very important: The user making the connection must have the administrator role for the process to be carried out correctly.

  3. Back in Bunker DB analytics, you will need to select the brand from the dropdown menu.

  4. Click “Save Network” to finish.

    In the event that more accounts are to be linked, the procedure must be repeated by clicking on the "+" icon that is available in the Analytics module or in the edition of the brand's networks.

    The data download will depend on the volume of data generated in the two years before the connection date. If the data was not downloaded in less than 24 hours, contact [email protected] or through the platform chat.

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