How do I create an API token?

Create a token to integrate any form with our consumer API.

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An API token is an alphanumeric sequence that allows the user performing an integration between two applications—a landing page containing a form and Bunker DB, for example—to authenticate and obtain data through the REST API.

To get your API token follow these steps:

  1. Select «Edit campaign».

  2. Go to the «API» tab.

  3. Add a brief description and click on «CREATE API TOKEN».

    The token is shown in the table only once and from there it can be copied to share it with the developer who will carry out the integration with the platform.

You can edit the token description by clicking on the pencil icon ✏️ or delete it by clicking on the trash bin icon 🗑️.


To access these options in Bunker DB, you must have a Superuser role on the platform.

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