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I want to change my subscription plan
I want to change my subscription plan

Upgrade or downgrade the plan you have chosen and personalize your experience with Bunker DB.

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You can change your Bunker DB subscription plan at any time, according to your needs.

Do it in just four steps:

  1. Go to Administration and select the “Billing” tab.

  2. Click on “Change plan”.

    👉🏽 If you change your plan during your trial period, you will automatically go to the paid version of the plan you have chosen and the corresponding cost will be billed.

  3. Select your new plan.

  4. Save changes.

👉🏽 The difference in price between your current plan and the new one you select, will be reflected in an invoice. Learn how this cost is calculated. [LINK TO APPORTIONMENT ART]

👉🏽 If your current plan includes more users than the new plan, and you have them occupied, you can buy the necessary spaces so you don't lose them.

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