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Add images to your Bunker DB Analytics modules, which you can then include in your reports.

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Improve your understanding of the data through images that complement the results of your social, paid and owned media networks. With images, you can include post creative, additional graphics, event photos, and more. In this article, we will show you how to add images in your Analytics or Campaigns modules.

Why add images to your Analytics or Campaigns modules?

Images can be a powerful tool to improve your reports. Not only do they make your reports more visually appealing, but they can also help convey information more effectively. Images can be especially useful for displaying complex data or highlighting important information.

How to add images

  1. In your Analytics or Campaigns module, on the right margin, click on the option to add an image.

  2. Browse on your computer for the image file you want to upload to Bunker DB analytics, or you can also upload the image from an URL.

  3. To complete the action, click on "Accept."

  • You can specify the image category, date, and position within the platform.

  • Keep in mind that all the uploaded elements, regardless of their category and type, can be deleted, edited, or downloaded from the dashboard or the campaign view within their edition.

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