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Add files related to your brand or campaigns to Bunker DB.

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Upload files that you want to have at hand, such as images of your creatives, spreadsheets with the planning of your publications, notes about events, templates for your copy or anything else you can think of. To do so follow these steps:

Add a file

  1. Click "Files” from the left menu in Bunker DB Analytics.​​

  2. Select the "Upload File" option.​

    When clicked, a pop-up is displayed where you can drag and drop files, copy from the clipboard.

    It is also possible to load entire folders and thus be able to generate a directory of files.

    Keep in mind that all the elements that are uploaded, regardless of the category and type, can be deleted, edited or downloaded from the dashboard or from the campaign view within the campaign edition.

  3. To complete the action, click "Accept".

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