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Create KPI
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A KPI (key performance indicator) helps measure your networks' metrics performance and thus evaluate the key factors for your brand's success.

In this document, we show you how to create and configure a KPI from scratch.

Step by step — create a KPI.

  1. Create a KPI using the "Add a new KPI" button. It can be done from the brand edition or from the Analytics or Campaign module.

  2. Choose the module and the network.

  3. Define the period over which the KPI will be measured.

  4. Select the metric to be measured, the operator, and your goal.

  5. Click "Save" to finish

Create scheduled email alerts

You can configure different alerts to receive an email notification when you have reached your established goals.

To add an alert click on

Select the type of alert you wish to receive

You can choose between receiving an alert when you meet an objective, or when you exceed 50%, 75% or 100% of a projection.

Select which users will be notified. Clicking on the link will display a menu to search for them in an email list.

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