Admin panel

Access your Bunker DB Admin panel to see or edit your plan, brands, users, and other account settings.

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In the Bunker DB admin panel you can see your brands information centralized in one place.

🖱️ Actions that can be taken on a configuration level are linked to your permission as a Bunker DB user.

As Brand Manager you can access to:

As Superuser you have access to the previous options plus to the following sections:

My plan

In this tab you will have the detail of:

  • Your plan usage: quantity and percentage of your reports downloaded per month, available consumers, available users, available brands and disk space.

  • Your brands: quantity and percentage of your classified comments per month, hashtags to set up on Twitter, tweets by hashtag, Twitter brand mentions, campaigns and accounts connected by network.

🚨 You can check this information by month or year 🗓️


In this section, you can see the detail of all the brands associated to your account with the quantity of consumers, campaigns, and connected networks.

You can visualize your brands on a grid or on a list:

  • In the grid view you can change the name and logo of each brand, refresh your network connections or connect new networks.

  • In the list view you can see your brands name, campaigns quantity, consumers, refresh your networks or connect new networks.

  • In both grid view and list view you can create new brands by clicking on the button over the right side of the menu.


In this section you have a list of associated users to your brands:

  • User name

  • Email

  • Last login

  • Role

  • Information about user activity

This section have different filters and search bars to find and select users based on different criterions:

  • By roles (1)

  • By brands (2)

  • By matching alphabetic characters (3)

New users can be created and existing users could be edited or deleted as well. To create a new user you have to assign them:

  • Name

  • Last name

  • Email

  • Role

  • Access brands

In the User edition you can change:

  • Basic user data

    • Name and last name

    • E-mail

    • Language

    • Automatic deactivation date

    • Comment

    • Two Factor Authentication

  • Roles and permissions inside each module determined by the enabled permissions for the user.

  • Access to brand content that each user is allowed.

Bunker DB settings

Inside this menu you can set

  • Online population by

    • Country

    • Month

    • Online population

Target audience by

  • Country

  • Month

  • Segmentation

  • Potential audience

  • Target reach percentage

  • Target over internet users percentage

  • Tags

    • Consumer tags to classify users. Tags could be filtered by name and classify their reach by brand.

    • Sentiment tags to classify comments in social media posts. Tags could be created by the user (white) or created by Bunker DB (grey).

  • Consumers vault to set the consumers interactions criterion with your brand.

  • Set a currency conversion with a source currency and a destination currency adjusted to a time period. Once the criterions has been set the historical currency values will be displayed in a dated table.

  • Add custom fields to your brand forms.

System settings

This menu allows you to configure the plan of your instance by modifying the different types of variables. The glossary of variables displayed at the bottom of the page will help you understand how each one works.

🚨 Remember: This function is created to be used only by managers or system administrators.  By changing these settings, you take full responsibility for the impact they may have on the client, the company or the platform itself. 🚨
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