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Access your Bunker DB Admin panel to see or edit your plan, brands, users, and other account settings.

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The Bunker DB Administration panel centralizes all the consumption and configuration information of your platform. In a single place, you can see the number of reports downloaded, brands and users created, the sum of accounts connected per network and the credits consumed for different functions. In addition, you have access to the «Global Reporting» function, which allows you to audit your brands, and to the «Bunker DB Configuration» tab, where you can define online population, target audience, consumer tags and currency conversion, among others.

My Plan📄

Plan consumption

View the amount and percentage of: reports downloaded in the month, consumers, users and available brands, the storage occupied on your disk, as well as the Bunker DB AI Assistant credits used during the month.


This segment shows the number of classified comments for the month, the volume of campaigns created, how many of them are available and the number of connected accounts per network for each brand on your platform.


Access the complete list of created brands and validate the number of consumers, connected networks and the status of each connection.


In this section you have a list of the users associated to your instance with their corresponding:

  • User name.

  • Registration email.

  • Date of your last access to the platform.

  • Role within the platform

  • Information on whether the user is active.

The search bar will help you find users based on their first or last name 🔍.

The Role filter groups users based on the role they were assigned within the platform, while the Brand filter groups them depending on the brand they have access to.

Bunker DB Settings⚙️

Online Population

Set an online population by choosing a country corresponding to the brands created on your platform, month and a population figure.

Target Audience

Configure the target audience of your brands and/or Bunker DB campaigns from this tab.

Adjust your target audience by following these instructions 🎯.


Create tags to associate them with the consumers of your campaigns and sentiment tags to classify your brand's social media comments.

Learn how to create new consumer tags and new sentiment tags by following these steps🏷️.


Determine the criteria for consumer interaction with your brand. When you update the interaction criteria for sending your consumers to the vault you will receive the following message on the screen.

Conversión de monedas

Access the currency conversion history of all the brands on the platform and consult the equivalence between two currencys over a given period of time.

Custom fields

Broaden the spectrum of information that can be obtained about the consumers of your brands by associating attributes that are not defined as fixed fields in the system.

Email groups

Create groups of internal (belonging to your brand) and/or external users to centralize the sending of scheduled reports or KPI alerts in Bunker DB.


Audit all your modules and extract information in *.csv format using Bunker DB's global summary.

🧠 Remember that only superuser have access to this module 🦸🏽

System settings💻

Adjusts the configuration of the entire platform at module level, number of connections available per brand, credits assigned for different functions, allowed reports, etc.

🚨Important: This function is designed to be used only by managers or system administrators. By changing this setting, you assume full responsibility for the impact it may have on the customer, the company or the platform itself.

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