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Create tags for your campaigns consumers
Create tags for your campaigns consumers

Create and add tags to your campaigns and content to get a deeper view of the topics that get the most engagement.

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Labels are associated with campaigns and content so that you can later analyze in greater depth which are the topics that provoke the most interest in your audience.

Step by step — how to create consumer labels

  1. Go to the «Administration» menu

  2. Select the «Bunker DB Settings» tab, «Tags» and “Consumer tags” tabs

  3. Click on the icon with the «➕» sign.

  4. Choose a name and the scope of brands for which you want it to be available

  5. Click on «Accept» to save changes

Once the preferences -mothers or daughters- have been created, they can be edited or deleted with the pencil and trash can icons, respectively

Step by step – Assign tags to a campaign

  1. Select a campaign within the Campaigns menu

  2. Click on «Edit campaign» and then on «Tags»; All the labels that have been created and enabled for that campaign will be displayed.

  3. Mark the tags you want to associate with the campaign

  4. When consumers are uploaded to the campaign those preferences will be associated with their profiles.

  5. Click «Save Tags» to finish.

If you select a sub label, the mother tag will automatically be selected. On the contrary, if a mother tag is selected, the associated sub-tags will not be selected.

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