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How do I create new Sentiment topics?
How do I create new Sentiment topics?

Understand what your audience is talking about on social media. What are the most relevant topics? Or, what are the most negative topics?

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Find out which are the topics that most interest your audience, which have a negative or positive impact on the Sentiment of your brand. Bunker DB has a default list of the topics we know are most popular, but you can add your brand-specific topics to analyze the sentiment of your networks in detail.

You can expand the preset list, adding topics following these steps:

  1. Go to ‘Administration’ and select ‘Bunker DB Settings'

  2. Click the ‘Tags’ tab and select ‘Sentiment tags’

  3. Click + to add a new tag.

  4. In this menu you have to choose a name for your label and its scope.

After you've added topics manually, you can edit or delete them. They will be available, along with predetermined ones, to assign them to comments received on posts in the Sentiment module.

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