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Create custom tables - Google analytics
Create custom tables - Google analytics
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Step by step— How to create a table

  1. From your Analytics or Campaign module click on your "Owned Media" section.

  2. Select your Google Analytics network

    Only users who have the "custom components" permit enabled can create tables.

  3. Click on the "Add custom table" to start the set-up.

  4. Define a name for the table with the dimensions you wish to monitor.

  • You can choose a primary dimension with a breakdown or choose two dimensions with alternatives from the first dimension.

  • Choose the metrics you want to use to make up the list.

  • You can include up to ten metrics, according to Google Analytics API.

  1. Click on "Next."

  • When you click on each option, they will add-up on the right column.

  • You can alter the order by dragging and dropping them.

  1. Enable the sections you wish to show on the report.
    Some of them might have more details to show or hide if you click on each item.

  2. Choose the metric which defines the order of the data.

  3. Click on "Next"

  4. Click on "Save" to finish.
    After the table has been created, it will start downloading the information.

  • To see tables previously created, you must click on "Add new custom table."

  • You can see the table's details by clicking on the left arrow.

  • The download time depends on the amount of data to retrieve.

  • Click the + symbol to add this table to your dashboard or campaign.

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