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How to connect Instagram
How to connect Instagram

Connect Instagram and monitor the growth of followers of your brand, the results of your posts and stories, among others.

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Connect your brand's Instagram account

  1. From Analytics go to "Edit brand".

  2. Once there go to "Networks" and select Instagram.

  3. Click the button "Continue with Facebook" to start the process.

    ↩️You will be momentarily redirected to the network authorization page to grant the necessary access so that the data can be downloaded to the Bunker DB analytics platform.


    The network user with which the connection is made must have the administrator role for the process to be carried out correctly.

    The Instagram business account must be linked with the Facebook page.

  4. Click "Done" to continue and then "Accept" to finish the authorization process on Facebook.

  5. Select the Instagram account associated with your brand from the dropdown menu.

  6. Click "Save Network" to finish the procedure.

    If all the process was done correctly you will see the network connection as follows:


    The download will take longer depending on the volume of data generated in the two years prior to the date of connection. If the data has not been downloaded in 24 hours, contact [email protected] or via the platform chat.

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