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How to connect LinkedIn Ads
How to connect LinkedIn Ads
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Step by step — how to connect

  1. From the Paid Media section of your Analytics module, click on the LinkedIn Ads network icon

  2. Click "Continue with LinkedIn Ads" to begin connecting the account.

    You will be redirected momentarily to the network authorization website to provide the necessary access to download the data on the Bunker DB Analytics platform.

    • LinkedIn does not detect active sessions. Log in with your username and password.

    • Bunker DB analytics only requires permissions to be accepted in order to download the data on the platform.

  3. Once you were back on Bunker DB select your Linked In account from the folding menu:

    🚨Very important: The network user with whom the connection is made must have the administrator role to be successful.

  4. Click "Save Network" to finish the procedure

    Click on "Save" to finish the procedure.

    If all the procedure were done correctly, you would see the connection made as follows:

    If more accounts are to be linked, repeat the procedure clicking on the "+" icon available in the Analytics module or in the edition of the brand's networks.

    The data download will depend on the volume of data generated in the two years before the connection date. If the data was not downloaded in less than 24 hours, contact [email protected] or through the platform chat.

    Data can be brought and kept in the record up to two years prior to the connection date in dashboard, campaigns and sentiment.

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