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Set KPIs in campaigns or networks
Set KPIs in campaigns or networks
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Usually, when you set a KPI for a brand, you can track its development in the upper part of your dashboard, in the carousel that shows the established objective and achieved so far.

Additionally, when you configure a specific KPI in a campaign or a network, you will see its performance and development directly on those campaigns or networks where you set them. Let's see how:

To set the KPI in a linked campaign, follow these steps:

  1. Go to editing a campaign and then to Networks.

  2. Select the network.

  3. Click Add KPI, enter the data, and confirm.

  4. When you return to the campaign view, you will see the KPI in the campaign you have set it.


    You can follow these steps to add KPI in specific campaigns you have linked from Meta Business, Google Ads, Twitter Ads, etc.

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