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DV 360 offers a single tool to plan campaigns, design and manage creative, organize and apply audience data, find and buy inventory, and measure and optimize campaigns. Connect DV 360 to your Bunker DB account by following these steps:

  1. Desde la sección Paid Media de tu módulo de Analytics haz clic en el ícono de la red DBM Youtube

  2. Click on the DV 360 logo and then on “Continue with Google”.

    If the account you are going to link is already logged in, the authorization page will detect your active session. Otherwise, select "Sign in with another account." The network user with which the connection is made must have the administrator role for the process to be carried out correctly.

  3. Click “Continue as [User]” and grant Bunker DB access for the DV 360 account(s).


  4. Once back in Bunker DB Analytics, select the advertiser you are going to connect from the dropdown menu. Other connections can be added later, if you wish.

  5. Click "Save Network" to finish the procedure.

    The download of the data on the platform will begin. The time this process takes will depend on the volume of data generated in the two years prior to the connection date. If the data has not been downloaded in less than 24 hours, contact [email protected] or via the platform chat.

You must take into account that: In case more advertisers are going to be used, you must repeat the procedure by clicking on the “+” icon. Up to a maximum of five advertisers per brand can be connected.

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