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Connect Google Analytics 4
Connect Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is a new property designed to collect the results of owned media in the best way.

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A Google Analytics property is a set of Google Analytics reports and data from your website or app. The GA4 release implements several improvements regarding Universal Properties (UA):

  • Collect data from websites and apps to better understand the customer journey.

  • Use events instead of session-based data.

  • Includes privacy controls, such as cookieless measurement, behavior and conversion modeling.

  • Predictive features offer guidance without complex models.

  • Direct integrations into media platforms help drive action.

Step by step — connect Google Analytics 4

  1. From the Owned Media section of your Analytics module, click on the Google Analytics 4 network icon

  2. Click “Sign in with Google” to start connecting the account.

  3. Confirm Bunker DB accesses to the Google account.

  4. Back in Bunker DB, select the properties you need to connect:

  5. To finish, click on “Save network”.

    If all the procedure was done correctly, you will see the connection made as follows:

  • If more accounts are to be linked, repeat the procedure clicking on the "+" icon available in the Analytics module or in the edition of the brand's networks.

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