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Automatic UTMs in lead performance
Automatic UTMs in lead performance

Bunker DB automatically recognizes the UTMs of your campaigns so you can easily upload your leads data.

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UTM parameters are variants of URL parameters that you can use to measure the effectiveness of an online campaign across different traffic sources and digital advertising media. In a URL, the UTMs look like this:

ejemplo de UTM en una URL.

To load your UTMs automatically follow these steps:

  1. Go to Campaigns and select the Bunker DB campaign in which you want to monitor your UTMs.

  2. Select the “Leads performance” tab.

  3. Click the “Add a Table” or “Create Table” button if you haven't created one yet.

  4. Select "Automatic table".

  5. Enter a name for your table and select a network.

  6. Select the campaigns, ad groups or ads.

  7. To complete the process, click on “Save and finish”.

If UTM values are not found for any of the selected contents in the lead performance table, you will see a warning so that you can verify their parameterization.

If Bunker DB finds the same combination of UTMs for different contents in the table, we will not be able to assign the leads, please check the parameterization.

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