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Set custom currency conversion in a campaign
Set custom currency conversion in a campaign

Set your own currency conversion for your Bunker DB campaigns.

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  1. Click on the Campaigns module.

  2. Select the campaign and go to “Edit campaign”.

  3. Go to "Currency conversion".

  4. Select the custom exchange rate.

  • Custom - Brand: Bunker DB will take the corresponding brand level as the change value, but it will not allow you to enter or delete any record.

  • Custom - Campaign: You will be able to create personalized rules to set exchange values ​​and currency, within configurable periods.

  • Registrations will be valid only for the selected campaign.

  1. Click «Save».

  2. If you have choosen «Customized - Campaign», click on «Add Currency Conversion».

  3. Select a time period.

  4. Select the brand and network currencies.

  5. Enter the exchange value.

  6. Click «Save» to return to the list.

    If two periods that share dates are entered, the value of the last period will be taken by default.

When entering more registries you will see the results listed as follows:

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