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Once you have selected a currency and your paid media networks were connected, the currency conversion icon will be displayed on the right top corner of your website; either on the dashboard or in a campaign.

The currency conversion could be shown on a report as an individual section.

Click on the money note icon to see the current currency conversion.

The currency conversion will be showed different on your dashboard and in your campaigns:

  • Analytics: Bunker DB shows the conversion based on the last day of closed periods.
    In the open period cases, the quotation will be taken from the previous day of the current one.

  • Campaigns: Bunker DB shows the conversion based on the starting selected date.

If you expand the currency conversion data on the paid media module you could visualize the different conversions on the inversion graphics.

Only "Superuser" or "Administration" will be able to access to this feature.

This feature will allows you to check the historical value of all the currency conversions made by the system for the Bunker DB available currencies.

  1. Click on the "Administration" tab over the left panel.

  2. Select the "Bunker DB Settings" tab and then "Currency Conversions"

You can filter by time periods and currency destiny or conversion origin adjusting the search parameters. You will see the conversion values list of each day.

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