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Log in with two-factor authentication
Log in with two-factor authentication
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Bunker DB Analytics keeps your data safe —two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of protection to your account. Only you will be able to access your brand data.

How does it work? After entering your password, you will receive an additional code in your email that you will need to enter to complete the login process. It's that easy to stay safe with us!

How to activate two-factor authentication?

  1. From the Analytics module go to the "Edit Brand" menu.

  2. Access the "Brands" tab and then "General Information".

  3. Turn on "Force Two-Factor Authentication for users of this brand" option.

  4. Save changes

Log in to Bunker DB analytics with 2FA

  1. Go to Bunker DB analytics.

  2. Enter your account email and password.

  3. Click on 'Enter' to log in.

  4. Go to your email inbox to get the authentication code. It will look like this:

  5. Enter the code received in the Bunker DB analytics login screen. Once you have entered all the digits, the platform will load automatically.

Only Superusers can activate two-factor authentication.

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