Schedule a report via e-mail

Schedule your reports to automatically receive them by email with the information you want to watch closely.

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Step by step — how to schedule a report to be sent automatically

  1. Access the edition; you can create a new brand or campaign whose report you want to receive automatically by email.

  2. Select the "Email notifications" tab.

  3. Then select the "Scheduled reports" sub-tab.

  4. Click Add new scheduled report.

    The window to configure the new scheduled report will appear.

    You can create a new parent preference from which you can unfold multiple child preferences.

  5. Fill in the data such as name, period, frequency, and layout for the scheduled report.

    You can activate the option "Closed period" to complete the data of the immediately previous period when the report is generated. For example, monthly, first day of the month: you will receive your report on the first day of the month with the data from the previous month; On the other hand, with the option disabled, you will receive a report with zero data, since the “open” month has just started.
    You must save the layout or template previously from the Generate report section. If you don't have any layout saved, you can send the default Bunker DB analytics.

  6. Select the recipients. They may be:

    ⬣ User groups.
    ⬣ Users within Bunker DB analytics
    ⬣ Emails external to Bunker DB analytics.

  7. You can include a personalized message for the report recipients.

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