Set up paid media charts

Customize the metrics displayed by the tables of your paid media networks, export them in a CSV and get the most relevant data.

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Select which metrics you see in the results tables of your paid media networks. Arrange columns to view your data as is most convenient for you and your brand. Additionally, you can download the information in a *.csv file.

Customize metrics

  1. Click on the filter in the upper right corner of the table and select the "Customize columns" option.

  2. Sselect the metrics you want to add or remove and re-order them with the drag & drop option from the list on the right.

  3. Add a name to save your table settings if you want to use it next time. Only you will be able to view this configuration, as it is not shared with other users.

Remember that the customization you have made is the same as displayed when you make the report.

Filter paid media tables.

If you want to filter the information in the tables, you have to write the corresponding keyword in the "filter" field.

This will allow you to find your content more quickly, and you will be able to do it in any of the tables available within the network, either by campaigns, ad groups, or advertisements.

If you are inside a table of the type "campaigns" or "ad groups" and want to see the information inside it, you can click on the item's name, and the table will show its content.

If you want to organize the information by any of the table's metrics, you must click on its name.

Remember that the order you have established in your table to display the metrics is the same they will have in the report.

Download a CSV

If you want to use the information from each table in Excel or another data visualization system, you have the option to do so; You need to download the CSV file from the download icon in the upper right corner.

The information you will download will be the same that you are viewing when you press the download button.

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