Reassign consumers

If you delete a campaign, you can choose to keep the consumers you've stored in it.

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  1. In the "Campaigns" tab, select the trash can for the campaign file you want to delete.


    Not all users have permission to delete campaigns.

  2. Confirm the removal of the campaign by clicking "Yes."

  3. A new window will be displayed to confirm whether you want to delete the campaign's consumers. In this case, you must choose the "No" option.

  4. A window will be displayed to select the consumer's target campaign, and you must confirm the action by clicking "Accept."

  5. You will see a confirmation notice in the upper part of the screen, and at that point, the consumers in the selected campaign will begin to process.

The processing time for consumers to appear in the new campaign depends on the number of consumers to be processed. Keep in mind that the process is gradual to see different values as the number of processed consumers is reached.

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