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Consumers — List consumers section
Consumers — List consumers section
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From the tab to view consumers, you can access the detailed list with the consumers that make up the consulted group. The list will be limited by the selected segment or the filters included.

  • If you do not use any filter or segment, the list will show all consumers for the selected campaign or brand.

  • By default, the list will show 20 elements ordered by the first record date, but you can select another available option to see more or less the number of elements per page.

  • The limit is 100 items per page.

If you need to find a specific consumer you can use the search bar within the listing.

Customize columns

  1. In the "View consumers" tab, click on the column drop-down menu in the right sector.

  2. Click on the "Customize columns" option, and select the columns you wish to display from the pop-up window.

    You can rearrange the metrics by clicking on the three-line icon (☰) and then dragging up or down. Save your selection with a name in the field identified as "Save as" to use it again.

  3. Once you have finished organizing the columns, click "Apply" to finish.

Export consumers

You can download the consumers from the list in a CSV (comma separated values) type file, encoded in UTF-8 to avoid problems with the interpretation of special characters.

This feature is only available for users with the “Download registries” permission active.

To start the download you must click on the download icon located next to the dropdown menu.

Once the document is complete, click on the green link to download it to your computer.

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