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Consumers — List Records section
Consumers — List Records section

See all entries to your database with their details.

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View the details of the records that make up the set you have filtered, with all the information we manage about them in our database.


The records are all the entries in your database, so it may happen that you find duplicate people. Bunker DB bundles all logs into single consumers.

  • If no filter or segment is used, the list will show all consumers for the selected campaign or brand.

  • By default you will see the list showing 20 elements ordered by the date of the first record, but you can select another of the available options to display more or less number of elements per page.

  • The limit is 100 items per page.

In the same way that occurs for the “List consumers” tab, you will have the possibility to customize the visible fields of the list of records and also the possibility of downloading in CSV.

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