Consumer module

Get to know your consumer audience, their location, age, gender, what their path has been with your brand, and much more!

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This module allows you to monitor and analyze the consumers' databases hosted within the Bunker DB analytics platform.


Upon entering the module, the first thing you will see is the filters section, where you can add conditions and create a segment of consumers that you want to view.

You can select fixed or custom fields.

  • Once you have selected all the conditions you want, you must click on the "filter" button.

  • Save your segment to select it in the future without reconfiguring it by clicking the "Save segment." You will find it in the "My segments" tab.


Within the four available sections, you will find different types of information that will help you understand the value of each of the consumers:

  • Statistics. General resume of your brand consumers audience and general data graphics about your consumers.

  • List consumers. List of all your unique consumers within the database.

  • List registers. List of all records generated by consumers within the database.

  • My segments. List of segments according to the filters you have defined for each one of them.

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