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Once you view the list of consumers, you can click on any of them to display their profile with all the details registered in the database.
You will see the most important details in the central panel, and if you need more information about your consumer, you can view them in the right sector.

Contact and notes

In cases where you have contact information, you can use the buttons for each option to communicate in the central consumer information section.

  • The buttons to call by phone and send e-mail will activate the operating system's default program to perform each action. To modify these programs, you must refer to the configuration of your operating system.

  • The WhatsApp button will open the desktop app if installed or fail; the web version will open.

You can also add notes by clicking on the "Add note" button.


This tab shows the history of the consumer's events within the database in chronological order.

This information includes:

  • Records entered.

  • Mailings sent.

  • Notes created.

  • Generated sales.

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