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Customize which results you want to report and configure the best visualization for you and your team.

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If you need to, you can report only the results relevant to your brand. Create a completely new report, with the modules that interest you or with a single graph.

  1. Select "Reports" from the top menu.

  2. Click on "Custom report".

  3. Select the report template you want to generate (basic, advanced or competitive analysis) or choose to start a report from scratch.

  4. Select the data source for your report.

    👌🏽 Remember to put a name for your report.

  5. Click on "Create".

    Click "Add New chart."

  6. Choose from the default modules or generate a completely new one.

  7. Add as many segments as needed.

  8. Download your personalized report.


You can return to your custom report whenever you need to in Reports > Custom Reports.

You can edit each item you include in the report with the options at the top right of each box:

Change the place of each element by dragging and dropping where it is best for your analysis.

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