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Report the results of your Bunker DB Listening queries in just a few steps.

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Bunker DB Listening has different types of reports:

  • Basic Reports: a summary of mentions and sentiment.

  • Advanced: get a more detailed report of the mentions.

  • Competitive: Compare the results of at least two queries.

  • Demographics: compare the results of your queries taking the gender variable as reference.

  • Custom: create a fully customized report, with the graphs you need.

To start reporting, click on "Reports" from the top menu and select one of the four options:

Customize your reports

Bunker DB Listening allows you to customize your reports with basic or advanced settings


  1. Go to the «Reports» section.

  2. Create a new report.

  3. Click on «Download».

  4. Click «BunkerDB» on the «Brand template» header to create a new template or choose an existing one

  5. Choose between PDF or PPT (editable).

  6. Choose a name for your template, a title for your report and a description.

  7. You can customize

    1. Header color and text color

    2. Brand logo to be displayed in the report

  8. Click «Save» to finish.


  1. Go to the «Reports» section

  2. Create a new report

  3. Click on «Download».

  4. Click «BunkerDB» on the «Brand template» header to create a new template or choose an existing one.

  5. Choose between PDF or PPT (editable).

  6. Set a name for your template.

  7. Select «Advanced settings».

    1. Open the «Cover» section to configure:

      1. Name and description of your report:

      2. Visualize the «Date range» on your report.

      3. Color of cover report and color of the text.

      4. Set the logo of your brand to be displayed on the report.

    2. In the «Page header» segment, set the background color, text and logo for the header of your report.

    3. In the «Page footer» section you can choose the background and text color, upload a logo and activate numbering in the footer of your reports.

    4. In the «Adittional options» section you can include a glossary of terms that will be displayed before or after the content and define the orientation of your report.

      🚨 Bear in mind that the page orientation option is active only for PDF format.

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