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Digest: automatic data summary — Listening
Digest: automatic data summary — Listening

Schedule digests to automatically receive them with your search results directly to your email inbox.

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A digest is a summary of your search results that is automatically sent on the date and time you want to the email address you select.

  1. Select Digests to get started.

  2. Choose the feed source you want to receive.

  3. Schedule it every day, every month or every week at the time you want; or you can set a custom frequency.

  4. Choose the type of export you want to receive:

  5. Set up the last details:

    ● Merge digests.

    ● Discard similar mentions.

    ● Receive a notification when there are no mentions.

    ● Pause the digest.

  6. Click "Create new digest" to finish.

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