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Export data — Listening

Get a simplified view of your data with mentions export directly to your e-mail inbox.

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Share the results of your Listening searches with other people in your organization. Bunker DB Listening allows you to export your data in different formats: plain text by email, table, PDF, Word document or a PDF report.

  1. Click "Export".

  2. Select the format for your export:

    Mentions in e-mail: Receive a list of mentions to your e-mail address. You can sort your mentions by:

  • Highest reach (highest to lowest)

  • Most viral (mentions with the highest estimated engagement)

  • Last found (latest mentions in your feed)

Sheet: Download or receive in your email a spreadsheet or a CSV document with information about the mentions. Choose between:

● Basic

● Rich

PDF Report provides you with a report in PDF format. You can choose between basic, advanced, or both in one zip file.

Word: Download or receive a Microsoft Word document in your email box.

● Show mentions index
● Includes statistics: metric data

● Includes numbers: Mentions are in a numbered list

● Includes highlights: keywords are highlighted within the text for easy viewing

Select send to email or "Download" to finish.

PDF (mentions): download or receive by email a PDF file with your mentions in two possible formats

-Mention preview with table of contents
-Mention preview, no table of contents

Include additional options to take control over several details in the export:

● Show header and footer with logo
● Show mention thumbnails

● Show mention stats

● Count mentions

● Highlight keywords

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