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How X (Twitter) works in Bunker DB
How X (Twitter) works in Bunker DB

We explain you the new functioning of Twitter after the changes they introduced in its API.

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In its latest update the platform has incorporated a credit system that is used to download and consult statistics of the tweets that your account has generated.

When you connect the network to Bunker DB you will have a certain amount of credits according to your contracted plan. This "balance" will be reset on the first day of each month.

Brand credits

The amount of tweets and/or queries that your brand will be able to make depends on the credit you assigned to it. If you manage more than one brand on your platform you can distribute your credits as you need.

💭Remember: No other brand will be able to use this credit, unless you redistribute it. The distribution can be made at any time during the month, but will be adjusted to certain factors

🚨IMPORTANT: If you set an amount of credits lower than the amount you have already consumed during the current month, the data download will be stopped. This new assigned amount will define the quantity of credits available for your brand starting next month.

Tweets Download

This is how we download and consult your tweets statistics:

Each time a new tweet is generated, one credit (1) of the credits assigned to your brand will be consumed.

The statistics of this tweet will be monitored on a daily basis for one week at a time. This query will use seven (7) credits of your brand.

Once first week is over, the statistics consultation will be done every seven days and consume one credit (1) of your brand. This pattern will be repeated until exactly 30 days have passed since the creation of your tweet.

Each tweet (with its respective queries) will consume a total of eleven credits (11) of your brand credit.

Mentions and replies

Mentions and replies to your tweets allow you to analyze the sentiment of the network. To monitor these interactions you need to check the «Include mentions and reply messages» checkbox, located in the «Configure limits» box in the Branding section of the Administration module.

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