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What is the parameter «utm_id = {{campaing_id}}» ?
What is the parameter «utm_id = {{campaing_id}}» ?
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UTM_ID is an identification parameter used to track campaign performance in Google Analytics. This unique identifier eliminates the inconsistencies of other UTMs parameters because it remains unchanged. Even if you change the name of your campaigns, their ID will always be the same.

This is the default parameter used in Google campaigns but not in Meta. Configure it following these steps:

  1. Create a new campaing on your Meta Ads Manager

  2. Configure the content of your campaign

  3. Before publishing your campaign go to the «Tracking» section and click on the «Build a URL parameter» link

  4. Click on «Add parameter», type the parameter name «utm_id» and match it with the value "{{}}"

  5. Apply changes

🧠Bear in mind: Google recommends its use for cross data with cost. You may find this parameter useful when creating Cross Media panels at campaign level in Bunker DB.

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