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Bunker DB Analytics is the solution to organize, analyze and report the most significant analytical data from your digital platforms.

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Bunker DB allows you to monitor your results by incorporating media investment analysis, sentiment and consumer behaviors, as well as an evaluation of the competition of your brands.

We build DB Bunker to be intuitive and easy to use compared to any other data analysis tool to optimize your workflow and increase your productivity.

In addition to being a straightforward data analysis tool, Bunker DB Analytics also offers connections to many external data sources, connect Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Ads, and much more!

Bunker DB Analytics, is the marketing team's best ally. Order, analyze and report, in a single place, the most important analytical data of your digital efforts, the activity of competition, investment of media and feeling and behavior of the consumer.

You’ll be able to:

  • Analyze social networks

  • Analyze media networks performance

  • Analyze website and apps performance

  • Analyze comments done by users in social and paid media contents

  • Categorize and tag comments on different topics

  • Access your private messages inbox

  • Analyze your competitors

  • Analyze lead performance campaigns

  • Visualize the information in different dashboards

  • Set KPIs and alerts

  • Automate reports and alerts

  • Set up A/B testing for your media contents

  • Manage your databases using the Consumer module

Bunker DB is sold through a monthly license fee by brand and/or market.

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